Walk-up Tickets at Pearl Harbor

Each day there are 1300 tickets available for walk-up visitors. At 0700 each morning, the Pearl Harbor visitors center opens its doors to accommodate walk up tickets. During peak seasons, December 20 - January 10 and March 15 - August 15, walk-up tickets run out quickly. On the busiest day of the year 26 and 27 December walk-up tickets run out by 0830AM. Each day visitors to Pearl Harbor start to line up outside the visitors center at 0600. If you get there late, you may not get the tickets times you want, and you may be stuck waiting hours to see the Arizona Memorial. The The National Park staff will issue tickets on a first come first serve basis. There are stand-by opportunities if you are persistent.

Ticket counter for the Arizona Memorial

The ticket counter for the Arizona Memorial tickets is directly inside the Pearl Harbor visitor center and across first courtyard with the world map etched its center. You will notice two distinct ticket counters. The LEFT ticket counter dispenses tickets both reserved tickets and walk-in tickets. The ticket counter on the RIGHT sells tickets to the USS Missouri Battleship, USS Bowfin Submarine, and Pacific Aviation Museum.

Arizona Memorial Program and times

The Arizona program starts at 0730 hours and runs until 1145 hours, pauses for 1 hours, and then continues from 1300 hours to 1500 hours every 15 minutes. The program consist of a 23 minute video presentation followed by a trip to the Arizona Memorial. Visitors will have 15 minutes on the Arizona Memorial. Each program is about 75-minutes.